Need a Wing-Nut Companion?

Right-Wing extremist blogging is tough work. Finding lengthy Marxist propaganda to embarrass your blogging competitors with can sometimes become a burden. Worst of all, Right-Wing extremist blogging can get down-right lonely. Think of all the hours spent alone doing research on those slacking "public servants" just to find some small indiscretion. The lonely hours of filling out requests for information. And the untold days of typing away past midnight to make the world aware of moral bankruptcy of all those slurping away at the public
trough. Wouldn't it be great to have someone to share these precious moments with?
Well now you can. OTBL escort services has combed the internet and the world (especially
Russia )for Hot Babes that share your passion harassing school boards and attacking public officials. And all at a very modest price.

Take Natash for example:

"I like early evening strolls to school board meetings, and late night blogging
attacks on my left wing political enemies.
And I love Wealth Building, if I didn't I you wouldn't be reading about me now.
Mention Taxes, and my hair stands on end. There's nothing more arousing than
plotting the destruction of Tax and Spenders. For a romantic evening, picture the
two of us wrapped together in the Star and Bars.
If you share these interests, I'm dying to spend time with you ( for a price )".
Call the WingLine tonight 1-800-Wingnut and ask for me, Natasha! Big Boy.

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