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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Patriot, Insurgent or Terrorist

It's my belief most rational persons understand the difference between a patriot,an insurgent or a terrorist. Further examination would reveal that there is a slight variation depending on who controls the media and from which side of the invasion you're on. I also believe that any critical examination of the facts would reveal that we are creating more 'terrorists' in Iraq than what the conservative agenda would have us believe.
Just in case you don't agree with me or understand my thinking... I want to clarify it via pretend. A war game if you will. The scenario is as follows-
Two nations, lets call them Minnesota and Wisconsin, respectively known as the Mud Ducks and Cheese Heads. For the purposes of this game, I'll be a Cheese Head.
OK, so after living side by side for many years with good relations. Mutual economy, tourism and inter national marriages. Slowly the Mud Ducks start to feel threatened by the Cheese Heads growing economy based on superior beer and cheese.
Instead of investing educational dollars to create better cheese and beer, Minnesota decides to invest in it's military. Lots of military. Vastly disproportionate to it's GDP. In order to do this, Minnesota has to justify to it's citizenry that the Cheese Heads are gaining an unfair economical advantage over them, they have to paint them as unfair competitors. They might have to bring in Religion to unite the base to support the continued military build up. If that doesn't unite all Mud Ducks, the leaders of Minnesota will have to convince their people that the Cheese Heads are using their beer and cheese money to buy nuclear weapons and they are determined to use them against the moral people of Minnesota so they can control the entire beer and cheese market.
As the Mud Ducks were building their military the Cheese Heads were busy making cheese and beer. Using that money to educate their children and build a nice way of life in Wisconsin.
Now the Mud Ducks have been planning their invasion of Wisconsin for weeks. They appointed the best general they had. He was raised in a very wealthy family so he never lacked for anything. His whole career was pre-annointed, even after his early failures, he was always bailed out and promoted to the next level regardless of his ineptness. His family name had influence in Minnesota and it resonated throughout the land. His name, Shrub.
Gen.Shrub wasn't in touch with the good people of Minnesota. He was in touch with the political base of Minnesota, they were called the 'Newly Controverted' , aka, the neocons. The neocons did ,unfortunately have control of Minnesota's military. Gen. Shrub used his family name and the ties that came with it to take control of Minnesota. A military coup was used successfully to displace Mn. President Pullenvy was promptly put in jail for being 'unpatriotic'. A new law that was enacted immediately after the coup.
With the dictatorship running at full speed,General Shrub was ready to launch his invasion of Wisconsin. He did so with great vigor. His plans can be surmised very simply...
Use 1/3 of the Mud Duck Navy(MDN), to control the Superior Port, 1/3 of the MDN to control the port of Green Bay and the rest of the MDN to take control of Milwaukee.On D-Day the MDA(MUD Duck Army), would control and advance on the 15 river crossings into Wisconsin, while the MDM(Mud Duck Marines) would drop behind enemy lines to take control of the airports and the Wisconsin National Gaurd Armories.
Mud Duck D-Day is here. The Mud Ducks have over whelming success. Their plan was called 'Shock and Awe', and it was stunningly shockful and awful.
The Cheese Heads were dumbfounded. Absolutely over taken and subservient. This didn't last long once Deer hunting season began.
From D-Day on I didn't like the Mud Ducks. I started to do my best to fight the invasion. After all ,I'm a good Patriotic Cheese Head. I turned from a peaceful man to a Patriot. I go out at night to do all the damage I can to the Mud Ducks. Killing the invaders comes to me like it's part of the daily routine. I'm not a killer. I do my best anyway. I disrupt their supply lines. I kill their officers. I do my part for the Cheese Heads at night, I pretend to comply with the Mud Ducks during the day. Mean time I've done much damage to the Mud Ducks. I've killed many. Wounded many and forgot more.
Somehow, after many casualties, the Mud Ducks have found me out. They come in the middle of the night and drag me out of my house in front of my 3 teenage boys. They beat the dickens out of me in front of my family and slowly I loose my life in front of my 3 boys.
Did they kill a patriot? Did they kill a insurgent? Did They kill a terrorist?
In case you haven't figured it out yet,let me ask you this. Did they create 3 more Patriots,3 more insurgents or 3 more terrorist?
It all depends on who wins doesn't it. That will be the difference between an insurgent,terrorist and patriot!

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JPN said...


Interest perspective...and how one answers your question depends on your perspective. Another choice might be 3 sons out to revenge the murder of their father.

What where our Founding Fathers who shot and kill Red Coats? Patriots? murderers? I would guess the soveriegn ruler of the Colonies -- Britian -- would call are Founding Fathers murderous traitors.