Our View: Free Speech Is For Everyone

I just read on our nemesis blog, onthebordeline.net, that they have been banned by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. This may come as a surprise to Chris at ontheborderline.net, the blog we love to hate, but the opinion here is that banning political speech by this agency is wrong and a violation of ontheborderline.net's 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech. Personally, I disagree with 99% of what is written on OTBL. Many of their personal attacks on public employees and public school supporters I find offensive. I think their anti-government philosophy is "out to lunch". To put it succinctly, I don't like their blog. However, this is America, and the Constitution guarantees individual's the right to express their political opinions no matter how much you disagree with them. Banning ontheborderline.net and the many other political blogs listed here by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs is just plain wrong! Defend Free Speech! The next banned political expression may be yours!


Lamont Cranston said...

Hey, we can't link to the OTBL blog from our site. Is this another example of OTBL hypocrisy? Do you actually have proof that they are banned? Are you sure that OTBL didn't block an the IP address for the Wis. Vets Admin because someone posted comments on their blog from on the their computers? Maybe the Vets have spam block on? It's interesting that you so quickly jump on the OTBL band wagon. You need to get a brush up on your private dective skills.

The shadow said...

The Wisconsin Dept. of Veterans Affairs knows what evil lurks in the hearts of OTBLers.

Dr. Christian Bernard said...

Soory Shadow:

The OTBL'ers will be disappointed that you've accussed them of having hearts. They opposed to the concept of the heart.

Ink Stained Wretch said...


As stated in the post, I don't like OTBL or what they believe or stand for, but I will defend their right to
express their stupid ideas.
I'm not on their bandwagon. Besides, if I did jump on their bandwagon, they'd boot me right off as soon as I exercised my right to free speech.

CANRAC said...

I think free speech is the ability to post on a blog or anyplace on the net expressing yourself. I do feel the "employer" has the right to regulate internet use during work hours, I have absolutely no problem with that.

Regarding "free speech" I'm amused by the OTBL assclowns making note of this, since they prohibit people from posting on their site and delete some posts. Whiny bitches at OTBL.

Ink Stained Wretch said...


You're absolutely right. The borderliners are hypocrites. However,
I still think they should not be blocked. If I'm reading the list correctly The Wis Vets were blocking Doyle and not Gard. My point is. Block them all or block non.
1. They should not be making decisions of what political speech or
site people should view or not. If they start blocking Obama, or Clinton, but allow McCain, or Giuliani are you Ok with that?
They should block any political sites.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the OTBL site should publish a list of the IP address they block on their site.

Actual, I can't read what their site says about being blocked. The reason is their site is blocked where I work. However, you site is not blocked.

I wonder why that is?

Ink Stained Wretch said...

Not a bad idea! Actually I think they
feel being block by a government agency is a badge of honor.