Old Glory

"Old Glory"
by JD Challenger
"Blue is for the America sky. White is for the race that pioneered the continent, drained the swamps and cleared the forests and built the roads and bridges. Red is for the blood of American patriots which was shed so gladly in years gone by."

Howard W. Campbell, Jr.


cato said...

I can't post new threads but check this out:


Ron Paul as 2.4 million cash in the bank -- more than John McCain. And lets check out the resolve of Dr. Paul's supporters. If you read the comments on the blog you'll find this one:

Posted by: AngelaTC | Jul 6, 2007 1:52:33 PM

I am 60 years old. I have always voted for smaller government and to uphold the Constitution. I have never gotten what I voted for. Today I put my home up for sale. I am taking the proceeds and going to spend it promoting Ron Paul. That is the best way to spend my grandchildrens inheritance. They will benefit more by having President Ron Paul than having $100,000 of fiat money. Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor. The Revolution has begun.

666 said...

ABC News is reporting that third tier candidate Ron Paul has more cash on hand after the second quarter than John McCain. It should be noted that without a large infusion of cash ($9 million dollars) from Mitt Romney, Ron Paul would have almost as much cash as two of the Republican front runners.

He may even have outraised Fred Thompson, but we may not know immediately since Thompson is trying to skirt the campaign finance laws he helped write by not reporting his donors on July 15th.
Cato... can we get this 60-year old woman's name? We can check Ron Paul election contribution to see if she was tell the truth.

I'm sure her grandkiddies won't even miss the $100K. The grandkiddies with be telling their grandkiddies that great, great grandma sold their inheritance and gave to ssome politician.

Do you think Paul has a serious chance getting the Republican nomination? Since there are probably 30 percent of the Republican base that would vote for Reagan's corpse, Paul might be able to pull in 15 percent of the vote.