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Ron Paul Tops McCain in Cash on Hand

uly 06, 2007 1:14 PM

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos Reports: Though often regarded as a longshot candidate for president, Republican Ron Paul tells ABC News that he has an impressive $2.4 million in cash on hand after raising an equal amount during the second quarter, putting him ahead of one-time Republican frontrunner John McCain, who reported this week he has only $2 million in the bank.

In an exclusive interview taped Friday and airing Sunday on "This Week," Paul said his campaign is on a better trajectory than McCain's.

"I think some of the candidates are on the down-slope, and we're on the up-slope," said Paul.


Cato said...

Hey hey-- thanks!

But I was really wanting to point out this humorous little comment on the ABC blog about the fact Paul now is #3 money-wise:

I am 60 years old. I have always voted for smaller government and to uphold the Constitution. I have never gotten what I voted for. Today I put my home up for sale. I am taking the proceeds and going to spend it promoting Ron Paul. That is the best way to spend my grandchildrens inheritance. They will benefit more by having President Ron Paul than having $100,000 of fiat money. Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor. The Revolution has begun.


As for 666's questions, I didn't really think Paul had much of a chance before but I can see him in the top four, easy. If he is given ample time to debate he can make a decent showing. I don't think Republicans would ever select the pro-abortion, cross-dressing, adulterous, Rudy "I was mayor of NYC when a bunch of people died" Giuliani, and I have serious doubts that a Mormon could ever be nominated by any party, let alone a Taxachucetts liberal RINO Mormon who has recently "seen the light" in regards to swinging right nominated by the Republicans, which leaves Thompson, who hasn't even announced his candidacy (McCain has very little, if any chance). Thompson is okay, of course, but he's no Paul. He is far better than the two front runners, though.

Because of the terribleness of the front runners as well as their obvious flaws that Republicans in general do not like... I think Paul has a good shot. He can do this. Everyday the future looks BETTER for Paul, not worse. I'm not just talking like this because I support the man. I think it's fair to say he's got a long, tough road a head but he is not losing ground.

Cato said...

And I'd consider myself "a semi-frequent ABTL commentator". :o)

666 said...


I agree with your take on Rudy, but I think Romney might actually be a little more attractive to voters. What I like about Ron Paul is that he stikes to his libertarian guns and doesn't apologize for it.

As the 2008 Presidential race bores on and the likes of McCain fade, I suspect that Paul's message could get out and may provide some attractiveness to non-Republicans. Certainly he can play the anti-war card much more convincingly that Hillary.

If anything, Paul will provide voters with a higher profile education into the libertarian view.

Cato said...

I can't see a Mormon President. Most Christians, quite rightly, view them as polytheists and not Christian themselves. Most Christians can find common ground with Jews or Muslims -- monotheism -- but Mormons are drastically different. Sure, Joesph Smith plagarized the Bible when he read his books out of a hat, but he created a religion about many gods. And I just can't see a Mormon President.

Plus he tortured his dog and seems to change position to whatever best suits his interests at the time. I don't know if I believe a word he says. And most Christians in this country will not look kindly on a Mormon, whether they say so expressly or not.

I hope Paul's message gets out -- it would be a welcome reprieve from the years of neocons.

666 said...


You don't represent the core based of the Republican Party, because you actually think. Plagarizing the Bible for relgious gain should be quite familiar to those shepards of the flocks of Christian conservative. Unless someone actually tries to educate the sheep about Mormon's, I don't think they will see a difference. Quite frankly, I don't see much difference -- just sheep of with a different variety of wool. Maybe the Moromons are more like lamas than sheep.

I too hope Paul's message gets out. However, I'm sure the money powers that be in the Republican Party will do all they can to smother Paul's the spark of Paul's enthusists and do all they can to keep done the flames.

I too would vote for a libertarian -- an honest, complete libertarian -- over a neocon and over the corporate puppets that are leaving the Democratic herd. As far as honest Democrats go, I take Dennis Kucinich over any of the others.