OTBL Asks "Why have public schools at all?

Answer: To prevent THIS:

Luke demonstrates his mastery of free market math .

from the OTBL charter school archives.


High tech teacher said...


I've heard that some schools have those new fangled "Smart Boards".
Luke's version looks like a dumb board.
Good to see the OTBL Charter School focusing on keeping the budget low to match their academic standards.

Anonymous said...

yes indeed, government education in Hudson certainly shined brightly this week. Let's add the damages.

Unemployed House Husband Watcher said...

I watched the WCCO News report on this today. Funny thing, the camera guy couldn't seem to find a shot that showed any damage!

666 said...

I'm confused as to why Hudson School administration officials would be going around apologizing to the other high schools that got vandalized. They aren't the vandals.

I also don't understand how the delinquency of 20+ stundents reflects on the government education system. Once again, the likes of anonymous above will take anything he or she can and spin the blame into the public education system.

Maybe the blame should be laid on poor parenting? But then again, good kids do bad things and bad kids do bad things. This seems to be a "teachable moment" and a stiff, stinging punishment might allow other teens to understand that the must face the consequences of the misdeeds.

CANRAC said...

Luke's criticism of the "Freshman Initiative" program is that he never made it that far along in school.

SAT Scorekeeper said...

Luke's a "late bloomer". By the time he hits 50 he might be able to solve those math problems on his little black board.