Ayn Rand Laboratories Presents: Randoids

You never know when a sudden attack of altuism might be poking it's ugly little
head into your psyche, or you might have an uncontollable urge to help out a fellow human being. Well, fear not, the anally retentive lab technicians at Ayn Rand Laboratories has invented a free market entrepeneurial solution for just such a malady.
Randoids: The curiously annoying little tablets called objectamints that eliminate altruistic urges in a jiffy.

Just pop a Randoid when;
You feel a smile coming on.
You might feel like letting the guy in the other lane merge in front of you.
or you might be inclined to support an extra curricular activity at the local
government high school.

Randoid's bitter taste and pungent aroma remind objectivists to keep their priorities in order. I, Me, Mine. The Rational way priorities should be ordered.
Look for Randoids at you local right wing nut blog site (like OTBL ), or at your next NRA or Atlas Shrugged BookClub convention.

Randoids: Because your enlightened self interests deserve them!


Baloney Breath said...

I've talked to some of my friends that blog at OTBL. They say these mints were ment for bloggers like them. Since the eat so much crow, they need something to take that fowl taste out of their mouth. Evidently there is some healing properties in these mints. Dr. Spiritofpublickus says they take the taste of duct tape out of your mouth and health the taps burns left after the wives rip it off their faces after attending school adorned with duct tape.

They all prefer them in the supository form, for some reason.

I object said...

I tried one of these "objectamints" and my breath smelled like sewer gas for a week. They really work. There's no chance of being overtaken by altruism because nobody would come within 10 feet of me without holding their nose. I highly recommend Randoid brand objectaments. If being left alone to excercise you Liberties is your thing, Randoids really help.
I heard there's a special going on at
the North Beach Nut Shop. Buy one, pay double for a second. It's a steal!