Jesus Joins NRA

Speaking of Crack Pots!............. From "The Freedom Blog"

Jesus is NRA Member!

Dear Readers

"You might be shocked to hear this but I really believe that Jesus would be a member of the National Rifle Association. Jesus is, unlike our towel-head-muslim-terrorist counterparts, all against violence. Jesus is love, but does it say anywhere in the Bible that there is something wrong with self defence? NO, of course not! God and His son Jesus Christ believe in self defense. Statistics say that firearms are used purely for self defense in 80% of all shootings. So, why do liberals claim that Jesus would be against guns? That is nonsense of course. Jesus loves guns and Jesus wants you to have guns."

Jesus Christ's NRA Membership Card

Jesus Christ loves Guns! Guns made the Christian way of Life like we know it possible!

"I urge you to buy as many guns as you can afford. The future is uncertain and there might be more terrorist attacks on America. You need to be prepared for the worst. Think about it: In a society where guns are illegal, only criminals own guns, just like on the planes on 9/11 where one rag-head had a weapon and all the others where defense-less. Don’t let this happen to America again!"

Thank you for reading,
Shelley The Republican

A recent anonymous blogger has taken issue with a comment made to an earlier post that stated. "Now the NRA and the gun lobby wants to push kids to carry in schools. This is lunacy. "
Mind you this was a rather spontaneous comment, made in the spur of the moment and perhaps technically inaccurate. ( Happy Anonymous ?) Anonymous has gone to great lengths to make that point and to extol the virtues of the NRA and it Youth programs like YES which the NRA describes as follows:

"The state Youth Education Summit (YES) program began in 2002. Its purpose is to introduce rising high school freshmen, sophmores and juniors to their state government and the roles that future generations of voters will play. A special emphasis is also placed on the benefits of firearms ownership."

Anonymous failed to mention that last sentance in his exultation of the YES program. Talk about propaganda and indoctrination, where could you find a more blatant example of promoting youth to own guns.

Anonymous further states "There may be a few crack-pots out there who are advocating kids having guns in school, but it sure isn’t the NRA or any other mainstream hunting or gun rights organization."

What's funny is that the Gun Loving Freedom advocacy of the NRA seems to attract many such lunatics like Shelley the Republican and commentors on this blog that have indeed advocated
that EVERYBODY has the absolute right to own and carry a gun, including children in schools.
I'll concede that it is not the official policy of the NRA to advocate children carry guns in schools, but it certainly is the opinion of many who rally around the NRA message of intolerance for any restrictions regarding firearms.

Remember to buy as many guns as you can afford so we can
all shoot down the next Rag-head hijacker heading for a skycraper at 500 mph. Jesus would want it that way.

I'll say good night with some parting thoughts from Shelley the Republican:

"Dear Lord

Thank you for converting Cindy Shithan to a Godly lifestyle.
Thank you for killing Boris Yeltzin and Seung-Hui Cho.
Thank you for supporting the Leader and our war against Terror.
Thank you for keeping the homeland safe.

Please kill all enemies of the homeland. Kill all liberals, kill all terrorists, kill all atheists. Strike them down will a ball of lightning, give them aids, let them have accidents. People like Hillary ‘The Bitch’ Clinton, Nancy ‘The Mafia Princess’ Pelosi, Barrack ‘The Ghetto Tiger’ Obama are trying their best to destroy America but I know you won’t let them do it.

One last thing, dear Lord: Please let Billy Bob Neck continue his run for the Presidency. Give him the strength and determination he will need to win back the country to Godliness.

Thanks O’Lord."

Amen, your friend,
Shelley Goodman

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