Chicken Little Slaughtered at OnTheBorderLine.net

It's always interesting to see what the know-it-all, do-nothings over at OnTheBorderLine.net are doing. Where an interesting glimpse at the hindsight concerning the threat of severe weather in the area last Thursday. Myself, I was planning on partaking in a work-related golf outing that would have been from 3-6 PM. It go cancelled. When I came out of work, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Talking to a friend on Friday, he said he was planning to go on a group motorcycle ride that got cancelled. The prediction was for severe storms between 3-6 PM.

So here's what on of the head whack jobs at OTBL'ers have to say about schools taking precautions when severe weather is in the neighborhood:

"Remember last Thursday the dire warnings of severe storms. Most of us carried on with our normal daily routines, including going to work, that is all of us except government. The reasoning of course, it’s for the kids."

by spiritofpublicus


Of course, we all know spiritofpublickus spends most of his time in the basement slandering anybody who disagrees with he -- which is pretty much everybody. I wonder if, back on March 2, if the administration at Enterprise High School in Enterprise, Alabama had the same gift of hindsight as spiritofpublicus would things might have turned out different:

A violent storm system that ripped apart an Alabama high school as students took refuge inside later tore through Georgia, hitting a hospital and raising the death toll to at least 19 across the Midwest and Southeast.

Eight teenagers died when a tornado struck Enterprise High School in Alabama, blowing out the walls and collapsing part of the roof, Mayor Kenneth Boswell said Friday.

I wonder what spiritofpublickus would say, if a storm ripped apart a local school and killed eight students? When it comes to the OTBL blog site and public schools, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

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666 said...

Gee, others posting crap on OTBL must really be embarrassed to be associated with an idiot like spiritofpublickus. No wonder Dean's blog is such a dead zone. His idiot friends at OTBL can participate in an intelligent discuss because they are a bunch of figgin wing nuts. Especially the Peanut man.