50 Gazillion Watts of Progressive Power

ATBL Welcomes MBS

Broadcasting from it's invisible tower high atop Newton Field, a new Media Giant has been unleashed in West Central Wisconsin. With its 50 Gazillion Watts of Clear Channel Power the Muchlinski Broadcasting System began spreading it's Progressive, Pro-Education message for the first time this week.
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f.o.h.p.e. said...

I always thought Mr. Muchlinski had the good of the district and community at heart. I now wonder just what his goal is. Is it to be the polar opposite of Weese, Shaw, Pribonic, Hermsen, MacCormack etc? His constant assault on the board about the high school could damage the chances of the next referendum. Here we have a mostly new school board, and Muchlinski lumps in the new board members with the others as part of the "problem."
I don't think that there is a problem. I think the new board is being cautious, with good reason.
Mr. Muchlinski is not helping the cause by calling the high school a prison and tagging the new board as procrastinators. We will get our new high school, that is a fact in any district with our growth. Will Mr. Muchlinski get his good reputation back?

MBS said...

Dear Friend Of Hudson Public Education:

You wonder what my goal is. I think my letters have been pretty specific on that one point at least: build a new high school - as soon as possible. End of goal.

You say it is inevitable that we will get that new high school. I beg to differ. At the last school board meeting, Mrs. Crimmins stated that the new elementary school would be the "largest project for the district in the next five years." Sounds pretty ominous doesn't it? She and Mr. Kaisersatt stated that they are still "looking in the rear view mirror" at the 2003 referendum loss. God help this district if its leaders are looking into the past instead of having a vision for the future.

You want me to give the new members a chance to proceed cautiously. So far they are doing a great job of that. I don't seem to be having any effect on their actions - or inactions.

So, I am one person in this district that is calling for a new high school. One person speaking out. Is that one person too many for you? Should I join the other 99.99999% of the district that is quietly and patiently waiting to see what happens? Silently hoping and praying that everything will work out OK? Sorry, I can't do that. The school board is going to have to put up with this one guy who sees a big problem and who won't shut up about it. Tough luck for them.

My reputation is my reputation and that is my business. Don't bother to concern yourself about it. I can't concern myself about yours because I've never heard you say anything worth hearing under your real name.

So, FOHPE, keep very silent. Keep waiting. Keep very still. Keep out of the way. Don't speak out. And don't bother me.

Bob Muchlinski

Anonymous said...


What are your thoughts about an elementary school? Don't we need both? Or do you feel a high school should come before a middle school?

One other question, I wasn't here before they built the middle school, can someone give me a history of why they didn't build a new high school where the middle school and prairie are?

1973 said...

The reason they didn't build a school there is because there was no room...unless you tore down those two schools. The reason they built the high school where it is is because it was next to the then junior high and there was room. Back in the mid 1970s, you only had to drive about a mile east of the present high school to the underaged beer parties. That was when the drinking age was 18. There wasn't much there.

Kalvyn Clean said...

The "More B.S." network? Has Bob been putting out so much bu||sh;t that he's decided to go professional?

MBS said...


You want my thoughts on what the school district needs to do about building new facilities? Well, don't ask me - because I'm no expert. But a good place to start is what the 23 Hudson citizen task force recommended to the school board in 2004. They studied the problem in depth and said: (1) build a new 10-12 high school, (2) convert the current high school to a grade 8/9 middle school, (3) convert the current 6-8 middle school to a 6/7 middle school, and (4) build a new K-5 elementary school. So, if you got more questions, then contact the people who were on this task force or call the Superintendent. They will fill you in completely on this plan. My goal is to make sure that Hudson citizens don't forget about this plan.

Oh, and Kalvyn, I've got a new acronym for you: Y.O.U.R.H.E.A.D.U.P.Y.O.U.R.A.S.S.

Anonymous said...

You have to love the Muchlinski Bull Shit Network. What a pompous asshole.

Anonymous said...

The good reputation of Muchlinski, uhh... let's see whatb he is known for:

Union thug

Runnunig a website so indecent that the school's filters had it blocked.

Making comments at a City Council meeting that were so slanderous, the meeting could not be broadcasted.

It seems like his reputation has no where to go but up

MBS said...

Oh Anon and Anon and Anon, you are just so jealous of my pomposity that you can hardly stand it! And you don't have the guts to speak up in public except as "anonymous." So, if you can't take me anymore, just move out of Hudson. I hear Mississippi is a great state for losers like you. No one in Hudson would miss you.

Anyway, enough about you (whoever you are, you measly twit). Time's flying by. We need to get on with building some school buildings in Hudson.

Up and at 'em!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, what's so wrong with a crowded lunchroom? Are you saying that the kiddies don't get a "quality" lunch if all the tables are full? Did you notice that the nice new high school that you show on your website has a crowded lunchroom as well?

And this whole bit about walking outside is too much to behold. Most of the kids I talk to tell me that it's the best part of their day! And their parents tell me what a joke you are in the paper.

If you don't like the schools in Hudson, why don't YOU move? We'll all take up a collection to send you back to the socialist state of Minnesota where you belong.

Anonymous said...

I agree with MBS. It is time to start building. The District needs to quit being cowards and go for the whole enchilada, a 100 million dollar referendum for a new elementary school and high school and football facility.

They should also hold this referendum on a general election date to ensure that all the stakeholders will be around to vote.

Don't you agree MBS?

Anonymous said...

You know Bob, I never saw one letter from you in support of the 8/9 referendum. What gives? If you are so concerned about space at the high school why weren't you writing to the paper back then?

f.o.h.p.e. said...

To the anonymous that calls Bob Muchlinski a union thug and goes on to mention that his city council meeting speech was so slanderous that it could not be broadcast. That statement is a total fabrication. One only has to look in to one of the people involved with community access television station to get the whole story. She was behind why the city council meeting was not telecast and she also made the same claims in the past. Very similar to her fabricated account about being harrassed in the high school parking lot by campaign volunteers. The humourous story was noted in the Star Observer. That Lizzy, she is something else. But be careful what you say, her spouse the lawyer may be contacting you. What a joke!
I may not agree with everything Mr. Muchlinski has to say and I think he pushes the envelope, but I admire the fact that he uses his own name even if it has gotten him some flak. It amazes me that so many "concerned citizen" who post anonymously spit so much venom. Many of us are too silent to speack out against them. I am guilty of that. It is a shame.
Here is the difference.
If there is room in this community for one side, there is plenty of room for the other side of the issue.

Boris said...

About mbs not writing in support of the 8-9 building.
Strange question to ask. What is the point?
In hindsite, if the 8-9 referendum had passed and we built an affordable (to todays standards) 8-9 building, turned the high school to a 10-12 high school and rolled back the middle school to 6-7 (or 5-6-7) as planned and then panned by the public our space needs would not be an issue at this time. Interesting that the same people that are complaining about the cost of a new highschool were so much against a plan that if accepted by the voters would have saved us a lot of money.
What to these taxpayer protectors say to that?
Personally, I was not in favor of the 8-9 solution. Now I wish we had moved in that direction.

Anonymous said...

f.o.h.p.e.? What does that stand for, friends of the hudson public educators?

Educator said...


I partially disagree with you, I do think we would still need a new elementary school, however, that is a far cry for what we are facing now. My only hope is we do something, soon!

Anonymous said...

Look at all these lefties drooling over the thought of spending more money! Give me a little of this, give me a little of that, oh and I'll take some of those over there too! It's a veritable education smorgassbord!

Anonymous said...

Here is a term that Bob Muchlinski cannot relate to- Political Reality. The chances of passing a referendum for an elementary school are slim at best. The chances for passing a referendum for a high school are zilch. He can dream all he wants, but the political reality of the situation is not in his favor.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a new elementary school could not in fact be the answer (at least for the next 3-5 years while a proper plan is developed and a building approved by the voters) to the H.S. problem too.

588 new seats in the district = capacity for K-6 in the elementary, 7-9 in the middle school & 10-12 at the H.S. This gives a 25% decrease in the H.S.

The Real Hudson Observer said...

The High School is WAY overcrowded already dispite what the sardine packing anonymous thinks about the lunchroom luxury of seating 2 to a chair and the "fresh air" class break.
Kids have to fight and scramble to get a seat at lunch. I guess you could call that "competitiveness training".

When the final tally comes in for the new high school that will HAVE to be built and it's significantly higher than the original referendum, you can blame the "We don't need a Tajmahal crowd" for delaying this project while interest rates and construction costs have climbed.
The so called "concerned citizens" and "friends of the taxpayer" will in the long run actually cost Hudson citizens more money because of their delaying tactics. We will never see interest rates as low as 3 years ago. The fact is that these people
want public education gone.
As for the upcoming referendum for the elementary school.... If Hudsonites
can't afford $5.75/mo more to educate our children in a decent facility they don't deserve to call themselves citizens.

R.A.F.T. relief said...

The real hudson observer is correct in his or her observations. The "concerned citizens" have cost the taxpayers of Hudson plenty. Not just in the higher interest rates, and building costs that we will have to cover to get the space we could have had when rates and costs were more favorable, but also in administrative costs for many off the wall info requests that they make against the district, they continue to be requested by the same handful of public school critics. The same critics that assault the school board members at public functions but refuse to show themselves at the annual meeting with "hard questions." Amazing that we have 5100 students now, yet all we here from the peanut gallery is that our enrollment is going to go down.

Anonymous said...

$5.75 per month! What idiot in his right mind thinks that a new school filled to capacity with all the personnel needed to run it is going to cost $5.75 per month?!

And as far as the high school goes, not one person on here has talked about class sizes. What are the class sizes at the high school? I took a look at the numbers given by the school district in the paper this week and it appears as though the enrollment at the high school will be stable or declining over the next several years.

Any thoughts fohpe, raft, observer, boris, educator? And what happened to Muchlisnki did he drop out of the argument or choose a new name?

oscar said...

We all know who the handful of "concerned citizens" are. I respect their right to their point of view. My right is to disagree with them and I do. I also respect the right of posters on this blog and the otbl blog to be as negative as they want, call names, whatever. I do not want to do that.

It is time for those of us that want to see some improvement in the school system in Hudson to get off our butts and do something, other than talk. This includes working to get a new elementary school approved by the voters.

The voters shot down the 8/9, not the board. The voters will approve or deny the elementary school, not the board. If this district can not pass a $12M elem referendum, there will not be a H.S referendum instead, it would be voted down.

It is time for the "Friends" to come out so we can join in.

Anonymous said...

Give your friends a call Oscar. It's going to take alot more than the chat line to pass more spending in this school district.

The real Hudson Observer said...


"$5.75 per month! What idiot in his right mind thinks that a new school filled to capacity with all the personnel needed to run it is going to cost $5.75 per month?!"

1. You don't fool anyone as to who you are.
2. The property tax impact on the average home for a new elementary school was stated to be $69/yr. that's $5.75/mo.
3. You make the same stupid argument over and over again about class average class size while demanding AP classes whose enrollment is barely enough to justify a class.
What's the capacity of your living room? Is is occupied all the time.
I'll bet you house could fit 10-12 people, do you have that many people living there?

4. If you can't afford $5.75/mo. you don't deserve to call yourself a citizen.
5. If you'd spend a fraction of the amount of time at a job as you have raising havoc for the school district you'd have multiple times the amount of money your are trying to save in taxes.
6. I am not BOB.
7. Go soak you head!

Anonymous said...

$5.75 a month for a taxpayer to fund a new school. Unbelievable! The school district can always count on the mindless sheep tp deliver the message no matter how idiotic it is. Also to say that a few people have delayed the building is another mindless mouthing. The board is scared of a thumping like the last time, remember 72% to 28%. I guess that is why they need to hold the referendum during December. Don’t want the snowbirds voting.

Anonymous said...

So using your numbers TRhSO, you then swallow the notion that we can educate children for $1400 a student which means the budget for the district should be about 7.5 million dollars not 60 million dollars. Logic does not jive.

Nice rebuttal, "soak your head." Perhaps you should do the same in a basic book on logic.

The real Hudson observer said...


Why don't you go back the other side of the borderline where you belong. You're lucky your comments aren't deleted hear like opposing views are over on the fruit farm by your buddy Mikhail.
You demand all the advantages of public ed. yet at the same time work to destroy it. While your at it take a math class after you're done soaking your head.

Anonymous said...

"If you can't afford 5.75 a month, then you don't deserve to call yourself a citizen." My oh my, what fabulous logic we are using to sell another school. Try taking THAT message door to door.

It reminds me of the former newspaper owner who drove his big Cadillac up to houses during the 2003 referendum and scolded citizens for not voting yes! Man, did that ever work.

The real hudson observer said...

Logic doesn't work. I'm ripping a page
out of the Karl Rove manual. It's about winning period. You NeoCon nitwits have done enough damage to our communities and our country to last a lifetime. Go soak your head.

Anonymous said...

real hudson observer, it is obvious you can't reconcile the difference, so you resort to the only logic available which is a spewing of nonsense. If you can't logically discuss why a new school would cost far less per student[ according to your math] than the current schools, you are going to face a wall of suspicion as to honesty and integrity.

If a building is needed the district has 20 million dollars in the general fund balance. Use it! Oh and don't give me the line about the bond rating. Bond ratings for school districts are a factor of the total debt and the tax base. It has almost nothing to do with the fund balnce.

Anonymous said...

Real Hudson Observer "it is not about logic; it is about winning." Thanks for the admission. Intellectual truth and honesty does not matter. Is that we teach our children? If you are an example of an educator or the type of people who are the faithful of public education, then God have mercy on us all!

The Real Hudson Observer said...

The only Children I'm talking to are the borderliners like you. Don't preach to me about logic and tactics when you call employers of the people you oppose to try to ruin their careers. You people are the real scum in the St. Croix Valley and it's time someone called scum, scum.
Go soak your head in Borax.

Anonymous said...

Gee, how many names can you call someone? Anymore you'd like to use? Do you think you'll get a referendum passed by simply calling us the "vocal minority" or "small faction"? NOT!

The Real Hudson Observer said...

My first choice is moron fruitcake neocon nitwits. If you shoe fits wear it.

The Real Hudon Observer said...

Did I forget SCUM?

Anonymous said...

If I'm an openminded observer that would certainly be enough to persuade me to vote yes! Thanks for such an intellectual discussion.

The Real Hudson Observer said...

Any time scum! How does it feel to get a taste of your own borderline medicine?

Anonymous said...

Dean over at Uncommon Insight has done a pretty honest calculation on the operating budget for a new school. His estimates project the new school initially costing the average taxpayer around $400 a year. A far cry from the $69 a year that Real Hudson Observer is promoting and having a difficult time reasoning.

Anonymous said...

Why reason when you can simply namecall? And this is the same crowd that preaches diversity.........

The Real Hudson Observer said...

Yeah and Dean also wants parents with disabled children to pay extra for special education. Like these parents don't have enough burden. You fat cat Republicans have to add to it.

And while I'm thinking of it, why doesn't the borderline.nut allow opposing views like you are permitted here?

Now you pretend to take the high ground after years of name calling ontheborderline. Give me a break.
Two-Names Second Choice - Wide mouth Wyeth, etc. etc. I can't even think of them all, so let's stop the charade you people invented name calling. You can dish it out but you can't take it can you? Right now the only diversity I'm concerned about is finding enough wide enough variety of names that adaquately descibes your kind.
Go soak your head.

Anonymous said...

Telling someone to soak their head might make you feel good, but it won't win you any votes. You preach to your choir and pump yourself up, then step out into the political landscape and see if all your jaw flapping pays off. There will be strong opposition to your spending proposal, which in most cases means a loss at the polls. And one more thing- Don't take solice in the school boards races of the past several years. These votes can easily be controlled by the union and their followers. Referendums are a whole different game.

The real hudson observer said...

You borderliners have a proven track record of being LOSERS! I'm looking forward to your crowd extending it's record. Maybe you can paint somemore tax rocket signs to convince people of your lies.
Go soak your head. Yeah I feel good. Just like you do with your name calling.

R.A.F.T. relief said...

Hey anonymous , fun reading. You put citizen Dean Knudson on a pedestal do you? I believe Dean refuses to talk about class size on his site and he also thinks we need a new elementary school, just not on the site our district owns. Do you agree with Dean on that? Hang your hat on Mr. Knudson if you will but when the rubber meets the road, Dean will want nothing to do with the likes of you because he can't afford to lose the political capital.
You just won't allow yourself to admit that our population growth demands a new school. Will you follow your "Paul Dorr" bible and try to defeat any referendem period? You lost one election personally and 3 elections in spirit in a row now. I would say that this next rererendem could doom the whole lot of you and your bully buddies. The good people of Hudson see you for what you are. And we are going to do what is right for the community.

norseman said...

Sorry N Onimous; your over the line negativity has alienated many mainstream Hudson residents from your point of view. You and your other users from the "OTBL" have become so fixated with slandering anything and anyone that has anything to do with any public entity, that you've lost all sense of reality, and common decency.
Debating differences of opinions, and civally agreeing to disagree would get you infinitely further than this.
I am as concerned as any other citizen about expenditures of any type that come through public funding. However, I attempt to keep my opinions within reason.
As for the school system, all of my children have experienced public and private educations and are doing quite well thank you. Ultimately public education will always exist, any thought that it won't or shouldn't is not realistic.
I realize that N Onimous (Luke, Columbo ect...) happen to be more than one person, and am saddened by the conduct of a number of those people (that I know). The continuous hateful demeaning allegations are fruitless. Hate begets hate, and accomplishes nothing. Though not paraphrased, Christ once said "Let those without sin throw the first stone", frankly none of us qualify.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those kinds words Norseman and remember to VOTE NO!

R.A.F.T. relief said...

Hey anonymous, no response to my questions regarding Dean Knudson?
You are used to asking the so called "Hard questions" why don't you answer this easy one. When Dean supports a new grade school will you call him a sheep?
You brought up Mr. Knudson, so now stand behind your statement.
Mr. Knudson is not stupid. He has a vision of what he wants Hudson to become and he also wants his stamp of approval to be on successful projects that help shape our community. I respect his opinion even if I don't like some of his ideas. He will not stand with the extremists that inhabit the borderline with loser agendas. It would be political suicide and he knows it. Ask yearly school board candidate James Baker about his experiences with which horse to hitch his wagon and the results.
By the way, I am not name calling or even asking you to soak your head. I am just aking you to answer the question.
Remeber, You brought Up Mr. Knudson. I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Think what you want raft boy, but I don't see Mr. Knudson pounding the streets like yourself for a new building. Just what exactly makes you think he would support a new school?

Knudson Watcher said...

Anonymous, here's some of Knudson's uncommon insights:

"Hudson has experienced growth in student enrollment while simultaneously losing elementary capacity, thus creating a space crunch. I have supported the construction of additions to existing elementary schools. The administration and board don't agree. With that option foreclosed, I'll reserve judgement on any referendum proposal until it reaches final form. I'm not interested in quibbling about whether the capacity is 385 or 425 or some other number. And I don't think the average voter cares either. The question 'To Build or Not to Build' really isn't on the table. The questions are 'What to build?; Where to build? and When to build?"

Knudson's support of additions to existing schools vs. building a new school will evaporate when Tom Holland calmly explains to him that additions cost more money for less space. It's a no-brainer.

Will Knudson pound the streets in favor of the referendum? No - he's probably too Republican to do that. Will he join you and the rest of the VOTE NO goofballs? Yeah, riiiiiiiggghhht.

Anonymous said...

This discussion is hilarious. People who believe that a new school can be built and funded for the pittance of $60 a year per property tax bill, now believe they can predict the vote of a single individual. Good luck on both accounts.

the real hudson observer said...

N. Onimous,
The reason this discussion is hilarious is because you are participating in it. Not once have you
addressed the points or facts presented to you.
As for operating costs. If there are more students, they need more space. There will be costs associated with more students whether space is an addition or a new building is contructed. My guess is that a truthful analysis would reveal that in the long run taxpayers would actually save money with new contruction because it's cheaper than remodeling, and it can be more energy efficient.
I'd tell you to soak your head again but you've already proved numerous times that you are a simpleton who is already all wet.
P.S. The estimated property tax increase for a new elementary school on a mid priced home was $69.

Anonymous said...

RHO, I can understand your frustration and anger. It is difficult going through life lacking basic math and reasoning skills. Math appears not to be your only difficult subject. In that little letter you and your buddy at city hall concocted a year ago last summer, the possesive their is not spelled THERE. What is it you said yesterday, it is about winning no matter how you accomplish it.

The real Hudson Observer said...

"RHO, I can understand your frustration and anger."
Frustrated I don't think so.
If anyone should be frustrated it's you and your borderline buddies. How many political failures have you had since you began your reign of terror?

Your sluething skills are also sorely lacking Columbo. If you are going to make false accusations you better be prepared to back them up with real evidence, because like I said before you are all wet. I don't know who you think you're talking to but I can assure you, you have it wrong.
As far as winning at any cost, I'm talking about retorting to your nonsense and how your political mentor Karl Rove operates.

R.A.F.T. relief said...

How many predictions of voter choice did you make "ontheborderline.net" in the last 2 years. I could cut and paste, but even you should get the point.
Pribonic losing, Weese coming in last in one election and James Baker getting fewer votes every time he runs shows a trend. I like it.
Knudson may not rubberstamp a new grade school but there is no way that he will stick his neck out with the borderliners. No way!
He has not done it yet and there is no way he will start now. He is not stupid enough to damage the base of voters that he may need in the future.
It must be really frustrating for you.
By the way, it is pretty sad when you get so wound up that you resort to being critical of spelling.... on a blog no less!
That is what is hilarious.
I only wish I had the freedom to comment on "Ontheborderline.net"
Weese finished an election with fewer votes than any other candidate. Can you reason that one away anonymous?
I guess we could "do better." Better than Weese that is.

At the polls said...

R.A.F.T. relief

You are right about one thing, Hudson's done better than the borderline stamp of approval candidates. But don't be too sure the Neo-Cons won't stick together like a tacky bowl of rice with an elmer's glue topping. Check out the links on
Uncommon Insight at the very top

Hey Marion Shaw, where is your camera? said...

At the Polls,
I agree with the r.a.f.t.boy,
I don't think that there is any way that Dean Knudson will endorse the ideas of a small group of anti-public education extremists. He certainly did not endorse any of them during the elections. That is enough evidence right there. Dean's language mimics some borderliner b.s. and there are plenty of quotes on his sites to link him to thier agenda, if need be, but I see him as someone who wants to improve Hudson, not be held responsible for ruining a good school system. If I see a picture of Knudson with duct tape over his mouth on the front page of the HSO, then I may change my mind.

At the polls said...

Honestly, I never met this Knudson fellow, but from what I read on his blog and hear about his ideas, I think his goals are just a sanitized version of the bordernut crowd. The whole batch on the right are penny wise and pound foolish when it come to the community and schools. I don't think wanting a good school system is what drives his agenda. I think this whole crowd has some big land owning country club partners who cringe when they see their property tax bills. I'd have some sympathy for them if they weren't in the GW have more support group. But their pockets are bulging plenty especially since the Dubbya tax cuts. It aint worth wrecking our kids education to make this crowd happy.

R.A.F.T. relief said...

To anonymous who said: "Just what exactly makes you think he (Dean Knudson) would support a new school?"
I will tell you why he would support it. Community minded people (usually pro-public education), hockey parents, soccer parents, and t-ball parents who are all very organized and motivated. He won't fight a battle against those odds just to please a small group of people who would fail to support ANY referendum no matter how badly it was needed or how much sense it made. If Dean is holding the torch for your cause, why has he never endorsed any of your candidates?? Because he knows that the growth is here and is not going away. He knows that a new school is the only answer that the voters will support. All the lip service about adding on to our schools won't hide the fact that the schools have already been stretched to the max.

Lori Bernard Watcher said...

Dean Knudson may be smart enough to lay low, but now it looks like St. Croix County Republicans Chairman Lori Bernard is hooking up with the bordernuts to defeat the elementary school referendum. At tonight's school board meeting she sat with Mr. Weese, and gave a joint speech with Mr. Weese in berating the school board for setting the referendum date on December 12. Mr. Weese and Ms. Bernard (apparently now two peas in a slimey pod) wanted the referendum to be in November to give it a better chance at being defeated. Ah, one has to admire a Republican leader like Ms. Bernard who who is so dense as to come out swinging against a much-needed community school. Who does she think she is protecting? The taxpayers? Get a clue, Lori, the public wants this new elementary school. So, Lori, some advice. You better ditch Weese & Co., and get on board with this new school or get left behind in this town.

PrezGeorgeW said...

I didn't know you folks were having a school board meeting tonight. Heck if only my good Republican friends over ontheborderline would have told Karl, I could have flown in and made sure the FBI was tracking those ATBL Socialist Terrorists. I could have worked something out with the board too so the children could be left behind. You know if only a couple few hundred of you Hudson parents would start a good Bible based home school in the basement, we'd never have to build another government school ever again.
Good luck with those NCLBH test scores. I know it's gets just a little tougher every year don't it?
You'd almost think we planned on a bunch of government school coming up less than proficient, wouldn't you (wink, wink, nod, nod)

Good Night and
May God Bless America

funny stuff said...

Watch out for Lori Bernard, If you cross her, you may be strip searched, but at least then you can expect a big settlement with taxpayer dollars. She has no credibility to point fingers at the school board after the fiasco that happened at the jail under her watch. Seems she was not interested in answering the "hard questions" about that.
I heard Lori Bernard was also at the taste walk with a notorious school critic who made up a story about being harrassed at a high school parking lot a while back.
I heard that they made quite a scene. If Lori wants to discuss the costs of having an extra election, she should first explain the 6 million dollar payout the county (we) made to the strip victims. 6 Million, that would be almost half the cost of the grade school. Funny stuff

The Real Hudson Observer said...

Funny stuff....

Stop! You're making my laugh so hard my sides ache.( I wanted to put "Your" so anonymous could get out his red pen). Want to hear something funnier. It's not 6 Milllion dollars to settle, it's $7,200,000. He Hee Hoooooo! Don't you just love all those zeros?
Speaking of Zeros.. Have you noticed that the same houses that sported Baker signs in the last school board election have swapped them for Dennis Hillstead signs. I think it's an omen. I'm saddened though, cause I haven't seen a single Tax Rocket sign. I think the OTBL sign painters have moved out near the new Perkins.
I saw some of their work there.
"Boldners For Sale" Heeee Hoooooo.
I think anonymous was their language consultant on that one.
Here's more fun stuff. Even the bordernuts are laying 5 to 1 odds against Mark Green for Governor.
I am so looking forward to Nov. I'm seening Blue. Maybe after this election the Republican will "clean house" of the Rino Sodomites then they can start going to work on the hypocrites.
Anyway slow down on all the funny stuff. I don't want my sides to burst.

norseman said...

RHO; I like Dennis Hillstead and will vote for him. As I understand, he corrected the issue at the jail as soon as he discovered it. That's not saying I vote any party line, because I don't.
I know and respect both Dean Knudson, and Tom Holland..... I'd hope each would vote based on the merits of any given issue, and not the dogma of any given political rhetoric.