Conceal and Carry: The Answer To All Our Problems

Lasee: Wisconsin teachers should pack heat
In the wake of school shootings in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Colorado over the past two weeks, one Wisconsin state representative devised a plan he thinks will help keep children safe.

Rep. Frank Lasee, R-Bellevue, announced legislation Wednesday that would allow teachers, principals and other school officials to carry concealed weapons on school property.

“This is too important to leave our children in danger,” Lasee said in an interview, calling it another useful tool to help keep Wisconsin students safe.

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CANRAC said...

The OTBL'ers are already aruging about WHO will be paying for the gun and ammo, and whether or not it should be considered a benefit.

AndyRand said...

Remember king of the hill when you were a kid. Now imagine king of the hill with real guns. The richest daddy will buy the biggest gun for their kid and that's how the game will be played.

Este es Stupido!!!!