Quotes Of The Day By Steve Dzubay!

"Isn’t freedom of expression a good thing? You need not rely on these pages for “biased” information, through the wonders of the Internet, you can publish it yourself."
-- Steve Dzubay

"Kilber refers to an 'obvious and malicious refusal to print four submissions.' We can only recall one submission - a letter by Marion Shaw - which was outright rejected. The only other letter we can conclude Kilber might be referring to was one supposedly sent by Curt Weese. We were unable to find it and since we'd published Weese letters each of the past four weeks, it was unlikely he had anything truly new to contribute."

"As expected, both Weese and Shaw took the absence of their letters as a personal affront and proceeded to rant and call us names from the safety of Kilber's blog."

"After viewing Kilber's site recently and seeing the wide-ranging ridicule, sarcasm, copyright violations and a general lack of civility, he might be surprised to learn that some of us have begun to navigate around such bullying."


Read more @ The Hudson Star Observer.

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CANRAC said...

The only new thing Weese had to offer is a post holiday sale on selected packages of Holiday Nutz.