Man asks school board to investigate allegations on blog

Gwinnett County, Georgia

SUWANEE - The ex-husband of a former Gwinnett County Public Schools employee asked the Gwinnett County Board of Education on Thursday night to ask Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks to stop making what he called personal attacks against former employees.
The request stems from the school system's response to allegations posted on a Web journal, or blog, of wrongdoing by the school system and some of its employees. Wilbanks sent an e-mail to the school's principals contending that the blog is published by or on behalf of disgruntled former employees. The e-mail stated the employees "resigned from the school system rather than face termination due to their inappropriate and unacceptable behavior."

Zack Mills also asked the board to thoroughly investigate the allegations found online at gcps.blogspot.com. He also suggested the board members interview all of the employees who have left the school system recently, saying there are two sides to every story.

"It is your responsibility to make sure that everything that occurs in the school system is above reproach," Mills said. Board Chairman Robert McClure told Mills the information on the blog has been brought to the board's attention.

McClure said the anonymous blog makes "significant accusations" that have been "thoroughly explored by the superintendent and the board."

"We don't find (the accusations) to have any merit," McClure said. "We have to assume (the blog's contributors) had motivations that are less than pure."
McClure said the blog's content is an attempt to harm the school system with "information that is, at best, misleading."

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