Outsourcing exec to U.S.: Do the math

Azim Premji has little patience for those who argue outsourcing is stealing high-paying American tech jobs.

The chairman of Wipro Technologies, one of the Indian companies that have rewritten the rules of the global software services market, says the United States should be more worried about what is taught in its classrooms -- or, rather, what isn't.

``You need more emphasis on mathematics in school,'' the 61-year-old billionaire said during a recent visit to Silicon Valley. ``It's a building block.''

In fact, there is a shortage of information technology engineers in the United States, said Premji, who in four decades has led Wipro from a $2 million cooking-oil processing company to a $2.4 billion global technology player. In its most recent quarter, the Bangalore-based company reported $765 million in revenue, a 41 percent increase from a year earlier, with profits of $152 million, a 48 percent jump.

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Pascal said...

Right, like I'm gonna suffer through differential equations to sell cooking oil for some guy from India, give me a break!