Archeologists Find Historic Educational Artifact At New School Site

Archeologists verified today that the item unearthed at the site of the future St. Croix Meadows Elementary Government Indoctrination Center and Teacher Spouse/Thug Union Hall was indeed an ancient tribal concoction used by early 20th Century Socialists to brainwash citizens and children into thinking that everyone has a right to a quality education. Unbelievably, an even earlier group of Socialists who convened to write Wisconsin's Constitution included this unimaginable concept in their document.
Partakers of this "Pablum" concoction claimed it had medicinal properties, like enabling street urchins and other members of the unwashed masses to attain respectability and economic advantage.
The early Socialists achieved this goal through an archaic concept known as democracy, an ancient system in which not only the enlightened citizenry could make their opinion known through something called a "vote" but everyone living within defined boundaries could also "vote" to confiscate wealth from the Wealth Creators and peanut salesmen within those boundaries to fund this evil scheme.
There are rumors that even today, some living within our boundaries still partake of this evil potion. The item found at the site will be destroyed by authorities promptly.


Mr. Peanut said...

This goes good with socialist Kool-aid.

Croixland Coop Worker said...

I didn't know I could vote?

CANRAC said...

Goes great with Holiday Nutz!

Dem Daddy said...

If I feed my kid this stuff, can you guarantee me he won't grow up to be a borderline wacko?

Dr. Strangenut said...

This makes you immune to all varieties of health problems. It even makes you safe from peanut mold sprayed from black helicopters out on Highway 666.