Republicans Get Failing Grade

President Bush

"Only 31% of those polled approve of Mr. Bush's job performance and 68% believe the United States is worse off today than it was before Mr. Bush became president."

"On handling the issue of rising gas prices, Mr. Bush's performance rating dropped four percentage points from what it was a month ago (from 17% to 13%)."

"Congressional Republicans get an eviscerating review in this poll. The GOP gets a favorability rating of 37%, exactly 20 percentage points lower than where it was in 1994. Inversely, Democrats in Congress had a favorability rating increase of 11 percentage points over what it was in 1994."

"The overall approval of Congress' performance has diminished vastly since 2001; only 23% approve now while 67% did in 2001."

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The Do-Nothing Congress

"A CBS News/New York Times poll finds 75 percent of voters can't name one thing Congress has accomplished. "

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