OTBL Bloviator Angry With Education Devil - Flunks English

Our "friends" over at OTBL continue their attack on public education.

Here's today's intellektigent rant.


Everyone thought that the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in the United States. I know better. I dare say that all socialism involves slavery. The insidious growth of social programs from everything from A to Z over the last several decades has created a new class of slave. One of the characteristics of slaves is that he labors under coercion to satisfy another’s desires. There are many different degree’s degrees to what coercion is forced upon him, but he is a slave none the less nonetheless. Our new overseer is government. Oppressive taxation is a form of slavery of the individual to the community as a whole. So how much is he compelled to labor for other benefit than his own, and how much can he labor for his own benefit?

As we have evolved into an ever increasing statist society, some say down a path from which we cannot return, the influences of socialistic statist ideologies are becoming prevalent and are inching towards dominance in the persona of mainstream life. State intervention into the simple matters of everyday life is tightening the shackles with which we now have to bear. Why is it that people now look to government as a solution instead of the problem?
One of reasons has been the formation and implementation of a government controlled and monopolistic institution we call mandatory education. The consequences have been to produce a uniform conformist education, with faculties and staff ultimately dependent for their jobs on the government, and so developing an economic interest in professing and teaching a statist, pro-government, and socialist ideology. The tendency of government-supported education then
becomes one that is self fulfilling self-fulfilling in that it is in its best own interest to try and affirm its falsly falsely earned intellectual superiority and to quelch ( no such word )all who do not acquiesce to their mindset.What course then does the average citizen have to descent? .............................

Somebody needs a good PUBLIC EDUCATION.


Cato said...

Perhaps he meant "squelch". I don't know though. I have a problem with spelling as well; I really ought to put posts through a word editing program before I publish.

Petty Red Pen said...

I suppose he did mean squelch. Just like he meant espouse when he said exspouse when he proclaimed his distain for public education @

Hudson, WI 54016
I run a blog www.ontheborderline.net where we expouse the many reasons of seperation of state and school.

More proof that these guys need a good PUBLIC EDUCATION!

The thing is, these guy are intolerant of the short comings of others, but when their own are pointed out they get hot under the collar.

norseman said...

An interesting point that I just observer in the St Paul paper. Though this isn't directly related to the discussion, it is consistent with the dysfunctional attitudes of SOME (perhaps not all) of the users on the OTBL. For example, one specific, and other supporting users of the OTBL were critical (in denial) of the HPD's investigation of the Hudson murders by the Priest. The investigation also involved criminal sexual conduct. Now with the Foley incident, again a priest has admitted to misconduct for an incident that happened decades before. As reported in the
paper(s), there were other incidences with this Hudson Priest. The facts stand that youthful victims of sexual assault seldom report this abuse, or years later report, due to lingering effects from that abuse. Now in this case I am not demeaning, or pointing a finger at all priests, or the Catholic Church. I have friends that are priests, and family members in the church. I am more so pointing to the influence that any person in a position of power (church, private or public institutions) can have on another (most certainly a youthful person).
For the point that I'm making, the OTBL has a continuous record of blindly falling in line; RIGHT or WRONG. The presumption is of wroug (for government entities or employees)due to a personal bias from perhaps an encounter, and not a balanced open observation of the facts. I'm a Republican....Democrat...
Liberitarian.... I am openly and blindly opposed to any person(s) because they were in disagreement with me over some unrelated topic (public education, home school, private education). That mentality makes no sence...that represents the most glaring reason why there is a high level of animosity towards a small group that focuses on negativism, and as I have seen done a VERY POOR JOB of selling any given set of ideas.
Now I'll place myself as a customer; some members of the OTBL are attempting to sell me a product. Would they be able to sell that product, by being openly caustic and defaiming to every one who is in the least bit in disagreement with them, or for the fact that they have a specific career. That I would say is poor business practice. A couple of the OTBL users have complained about loosing customers in business practices....think about it, you conduct yourself in a given way in your private life...you don't think that doesn't get around eventually...you don't think that people dont talk, and those words don't fall on the right set of ears that may have a direct impact on your business??? Reason, logic and humanity (good business selling practics) always win out... I've been treated kindly by some businesses, and poorly by others, I assure you I will come back to the place that I feel the best about. This was a circular statement, but I hope I made my point.

Anonymous said...

So Norseman what is the recourse against the ill behavior of government employees or their family members. We don't have a right to withdrawal our financial support from them, do we?

ear to the ground said...

So anonymous,
Why have Hudson teacher's bent over backwards to accommodate the
educational needs of OTBL offspring and then you repay them with your bitter criticism of the schools?
You are not the only taxpayer in Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Norseman, you have made the case for the free market which most on this blog despise. If I do not care for the behavior or viewpoints of an individual, I can then express personal disapproval by taking my dollars elsewhere. For instance, when the former Superintendent committed fraud by expensing a golf outing as a Superintendent’s meeting, I should have been able to express my disdain by withholding my money from ever again filling his pockets.

The same applies to the spouses of teachers whose behavior I find irrehensible; I can certainly not cater to his place of business, but I am still forced to support his family.

Norseman, thanks for pointing out this travesty.

Wake Up said...

You don't even pay the full cost of the education you receive. That education is subsidized by other taxpayers.
If every student paid the entire cost of their education on their own, most families in Hudson could not afford to have their children in school and would send them out to work instead. That's what would result with your idiotic "free market" education. I can't believe you're too stupid to realize this.
So take your senseless opinions back to OTBL where millions of people visit everyday to read your imbecilic remarks.

Anonymous said...

Once again logical discourse is answered with vitriolic spew. It is the only manner in which the indefensible can be defended.

norseman said...

Dear Anonymous
I am not opposed to free market, or public institutions, each have their place. if there is disapproval of a policy, or the conduct of a given employee, there are options available. The point I was making unfortunately was missed. To reiterate that point, in order to successfully sell your adjenda, you would need to sway sufficient people to accept your opinion. Demeaning conduct and slander don't work. I will not purchase your product if you are conducting yourself in a manner that I disaprove, that is my choice. if you are selling a political point of view, and sufficient people disapprove of your product, or the means that you sell your product, they will not vote for you.
You always have an option of running for office, or seeking a job in the public sector to sway the process and services taht are rendered, as an employee, or an elected official. Your approach isn't working currently, so try something different. Honey has always worked better. Just remember that most voters can identify when a person is a fake.

faker finder said...

"Just remember that most voters can identify when a person is a fake."

You mean like when a community-school-destroyer suddenly finds time on his blog to root root root for the home soccer and cross country teams?

Maybe he's getting ready to run for school board again and needs to convince the public that he really is "nice community-minded guy."

Too late on that one. His reputation is way far out ahead of him.

Encouraged said...

Hey, don't knock it Fake Finder. That's the first time Mr. Weese has published a word under this own name on OTBL, ATBL or the HSO in at least 6 months.

Maybe he finally located those two small nuts between his legs.

We can only hope.

Hey Marion Shaw, where is your camera? said...

Norseman, you only scrape the surface of shining the light on those hudsonites that actually tried to hinder the investigation into Erickson. There is oh so much more to that story. It has a lot to do with why some in this community have turned against the local police. Why is it that those most vocal and higher than thou turn out to be the biggest hypocrites? Not even duct tape will cover it up.

Wake up said...

My Dear Mr.anonymous,

I'm not sure what language you speak, as you use words that are not in my native tongue, English.
Let me give you an most relevant and contemporaneous example;

Irrehensible --- a fine sounding word, if indeed it were a word. But alas, the
English dicitionary seems to have not yet discovered this word in the English language.
Similar words might include "expouse" and "quelch" two other non-English words used by the OTBL intelligensia. Perhaps you meant to say "reprehensible" which could be used appropriately to describe many of the OTBL escapades.
In closing, I'd like to sincerely thank you for stopping by and leaving your most enlightening commentary, as it has, I'm sure quite inadvertantly, provided support for the contention that the OTBL crew does not speak English well. Perhaps one of the many fine instructors of the English language at the Hudson High School could offer you and the entire OTBL brain trust a night class in remedial English.
It also illuminates the fact that, that OTBLers point of the pettiest errors of their opponents, while making unfathomable ones of their own.
As for the defense of public education being "indefensible", I won't even give that comment the courtesy of a response.

666 said...

A interesting comment to Norseman from anonomous about this blog despising the free market. I don't that a vast majority of the participants on this blog would agree with "despise." Some like Cato argue from the perspective of a totally open and free market and others argue from the perspective of putting speed bumps on the economic road.

However, experience has shown me there's a certain group of bloggers operating in the St. Croix Valley that believe you either agree with the concept of a totally free market or you despise the concept. For those people, there's no pavement between the shoulders of the economic spectrum.

To me thats shows a fundemenalist zealot who isn't open to the type of debates and discussions that have been part of the foundation that makes our country so great.