Anti-Civic Group is Launched

Hudson's Public Edcuation Critics announced today that in an attempt
brighten their tarnished public image of being "anti-edumacation" they have
adopted a new identity. The group formerly known as skunks have launched
a new public relations campaign under the banner of http://www.ihateteachersandtheirspouses.blogspot.com/
The group said they would double their efforts to be sure that teachers recieve
lower wages and benefits while working longer hours with more difficult and
unruly students. "As taxpayers, we demand our pound of flesh from the socialist
freeloaders and we aim to get it." We demand year long school 6 days a week and
want teacher pay to be based on competition with real entrepeneurs like Wal-Mart
One member of the group who refused to by identified stated. "Johnny can't learn
cause teacher's have Cadillac Healthcare and want to teach in the Tajmahal."..
"The Halls are crowded because there's too many students traipsing throughout the school."
"We demand that the teachers switch classes and the students stay put, just like when
I went to High School back in 1907."
The group will also be selling buttons promoting their cause at Dick's Bar
school nights until midnight. More promotional events will be announce later............
Join in the fun. Be aTeacher Hater.

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Tax me until I bleed you socialist scum said...

I tried to sign up for teacher hating
at OTBL and they wouldn't let me.
How can I sign up for this group?