Woody Guthrie: Born July 14, 1912

Woody Guthrie, he's the man! As a fan of American folk music, Woody is right at the top of my list...or a main brick in the foundation. Along with Jimmie Rodgers, the Cater Family, Bill Monroe, Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Guthrie's work belongs in everybody's record collection -- if you don't believe me ask Ramblin' Jack Elliott or Bob Dylan. His

If you don't have something by Woody, "Dust Bowl Ballads" is an excellent classic to start with. "Ramblin' Round" is a double CD with much of the "Ballads" material include and much more. That his work is still being record and presented in a variety of musical branches is a tribute to this man and his music. "Bound For Glory" is a good movie about his early life. It is based on his autobiography by the same name

Happy birthday!

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