The last Socialist mayor to run a major US city is dead
"My father always defined himself as a democratic Socialist. Someone who believed in the democratic process but that public enterprise should step in when private enterprise couldn't solve the problem."

Jeanne Zeidler
Since over comrades at the OTBL blog like to label us as the "local socialist" blog, we would be remiss in not pausing to reflect on the recent death of Frank Zeidler and the Socialist movement that reigned in Milwaukee in much of the first half of the 1900s. Zeidler's obituary contains an interesting glimpse of Socialism in Wisconsin. I found it interesting the concept of "Socialism" was discredited when Hitler and Stalin used it in their rhetoric. There's a parallel there with the complaining the OTBL'ers do about the change in the meaning of the word "liberal."

Read Zeidler's obit from the Journal-Sentinel.

Read more about Socialism's Impact on Milwaukee.

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