Don't Let Skunks Ruin The Weekend

It can happen to anyone. You're enjoying good times with family and friends and unwelcome visitors stop by. You try your best to politely get rid of them but they just don't seem to take a hint. When they finally do leave then the question on everyone's mind is. "How do I get rid of the odor".

When we recently had Skunks drop by for an unexpected visit we went looking for advice from the experts.

We called the Orkin man, but he couldn't make it till after the holiday.
So we searched further.
The first question was why is the stench so bad?

Making Sense of the Research
"It's obvious that some smells are stronger than others? But why? As it turns out, the key lies not only in the nature of the odor itself, but also in our ability to detect it.

Thiols, the compounds that make skunk odor so... er, distinctive, are chemicals to which our noses are super-sensitive. We can detect thiols at the level of parts per billion. In other words, if thiols make up just a few billionths of the volume of air and other gases in a room, we can smell them."

So what do you do to get rid of the smell?

"Over the years, we must have tried every method of skunk odor removal known to man before we stumbled onto this fantastic formula. We tried tomato juice (what a joke and a mess that was), vinegar (much too weak), typical store-bought remedies (only partially effective), feminine douche (yup, you read that right), dry-cleaning fluid, borax, vanilla extract, and more. In every case, they never got the job done properly.

After so many frustrating attempts, not to mention the several horrid shades of pink fur we had to endure (tomato juice stains more than your rugs permanently!), we'd almost given up until the day we tried this wonderful formula. No harsh chemicals or namby-pamby all-natural methods that just don't work. Best all, its easily made up from everyday items found in most homes."

Another Fine Product

"Do you have a Panic Skunk Emergency??? If you have an emergency and need product right now and cant wait for ship time….. go to your local PETCO Store and buy the Skunk Odor remover. They do not carry the bags but you can make a bag by pouring the granules into the leg of a pantyhose and tying it off."

Call us if you have questions. 800 Skunks R Us.

Have a Happy Fourth of July Weekend, and keep it Skunk Free.

1 comment:

College bound said...

We had skunks come to our graduation
party. The smell still hasn't left.
Wish I knew about these products back then.