Accept No Substitutes

Accept no substitutes. We are the only ATBL1 licenced
vendor of Jack Bauer Wanted Tees.(TM )
Counterfeits abound on the internet, made in sweatshops
by 12 year olds.

(Report sweatshop abuse to: Sweatshopwatch.org.)

Jack Bauer Wanted Tees are made in America by Union Labor.
Get yours today at the official site for Jack Bauer Discovery Ware (TM)
Call after midnight if you have Jack Bauers home phone number and
be sure to talk really loud cause he's hard of hearing.
or order online at

For more formal occasions, you'll want to show off you good
fashion sense with our latest design of Skunk-Ware (TM)

Get 20% discount when you join Skunk Hunters, the only Western Wisconsin
Non-Profit dedicated to eradicating internet skunks. Join today.

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