Episode 1 of the Ted & Ann Show

Staring Ted Nugent and Ann Clouter!

Theme song please!
(Sung to the theme from the Patty Duke Show)

Meet Ted, who's killed most everything,
From butterflies to grizzly bears.
But Ann's only seen the sins
A valley girl can see with cigarettes and gin --
What a crazy pair!

But they're cousins,
Identical nuts for those who can't think.
With assholes for mouth holes,
They poop where most people drink.

Where Ted adores a dead Rino,
The bullet belt, and gopher suzette,
Our Ann loves to barf and hack,
A bitch dog lying on her back--
What a wild duet!

Still, they're idiots,
Identical idiots and you'll find,
They hate alike, they insult alike,
At times they even sound alike --
Obviously they've lost their mind,
When wing nuts are two of a kind

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