Millions of Flags Survive Burning Threat- GOP Keeps Wedge Issue Alive

Dispite the insideous threat of the "flagburners",
America has survived one more Flag Day with "Old Glory" intact. Hundreds of thousands of brave American home owners who dared to fly the Stars and Stripes were on pins and needles, wondering "Will my flag be burned today?".
Many who purchased the recently introduced "Sam's Club Flag Protection Plan" had peace of mind that their investment in patriotism would be protected. But what about the rest of us?
Because of our diligence America's enemies were stiffled once more and our flags have survived.
But how long can America keep her flags safe without a constitutional amendment against this looming threat? We know that it's only by the Grace of God that our flags have survived. Our flags are still and risk and it's time to take action to protect them. Stand up for America, write your Congressmen and Senators and tell them "We need a constitutional amendment to stop flag burning NOW". There's only one party that has consistantly protected "Old Glory" from the flag burning hoards, and that's the GOP.
A recent ATBL poll discovered that 99.44% of Americans would never burn a flag. WEAU-TV EauClaire recently polled their viewers, asking "Are you for or against Flagburning"? The flagburners must have taken a holiday because not a single one would admit to their flagburning tendencies. But what about that remaining fraction,that silent minority of flagburners who continue to lurk in the shadows of America? Who will protect us from these fanatics? If you said the GOP you are absolutely right(wingnut) and have you've proved your patriotism beyond a shadow of doubt. So the next time you go to the polls, remember to vote Republican, because they are standing guard protecting our flag, ( and ignoring
every other real issue that affects the lives millions of Americans ).

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