A Letter To Bill Danielson At www.OnTheBorderLine.net

I recently received e-mail requested to published the letter below. It was in response to a recent OTBL post by Bill Danielson.
June 14, 2006

Dear Mr. William Danielson
PO Box 1744
Bloomington, IL 61702-1744

I noticed your comments on another Blog. I have one suggestion for you: "you really, really, really need to get a life". I don't know if you participate in any community service functions (that help other people), go to church and actually listen, or read the Bible, but for your own betterment as a fellow member of the human race, I suggest that you try.

Richard Trende

Mr. Trende, recently retired police chief of the Hudson Police Department, wrote this letter in response to this OTBL post on the same day by OTBL poster Bill Danielson formerly of Hudson and now of Bloomington, IL.

If you have nothing better to do, click here to read the balance of testimony.

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