Dr. Wise's POS Congealer

Does your pup suffer from the squirts?

Does his poo slide through your pooper-scooper?

Is it beneath your dignity to stoop and scoop his stinky pile?

Are you a scofflaw who slinks away from your civic scooping duties - embarrassing people who are foolish enough to be seen with you in public?

Have no fear! The answer is here!

Try Dr. Wise's POS Congealer (TM) - with ground holiday nuts. It's guaranteed to firm Spot's scat into easy-to-grab turds.

Also try the new POS Congealer with Pinenuts - to give that doggie dung evergreen freshness!

Dr. Wise makes it a pleasure to follow city ordinances from now on.


1 comment:

A casual observer said...

Dr. Wise should be reminded of the immortal (yet slightly altered ) words of Lennon and McCartney:
"And in the End, the Poop you take, is equal to the Poop you make."