A Darkside Quote From The OnTheBorderLine Blog

Yo conspiracy buffs!

Below is some quote work currently appearing at the ontheborderline.nut blog site concerning the recent open forum conducted by the New Richmond school board:

A couple of interesting bits of gossip concerning the choice of this quote:

1. Evidently a number of OTBL'ers have had enough contact with therapists to be able to tell if these sessions are valuable or worthless. Judging from the results seen over there, they have been worthless...Did someone say "anger management classes?"...Did someone get their tea party interrupted with a late night call recently?

2. A little borderline bird, i.e., stool pigeon, told me that a couple of New Richmond guys with the initials JH and SE might have a very good idea as to the identity of the evil Jack Bauer...Wink! Wink! Know what I mean?

Stay tune for the July surprise...


Andy Brinkman said...

Give Joe Harrington (JH) credit here. He obviously knows a thing or two about therapy sessions..... Maybe from personal atendance????
And don't forget Steve Edwards (SE)! Any man that would admit to being friends with Bill Brennan in print, is definitely a brave man!

JPN said...


I don't think undocumented speculation about JH's personal attendance to any therapy sessions. As far as I know, JH is a private citizen who is entitled to his opinions about the school board and observations open the recent open forum. Likewise, SE has his right to be a friend of an one he wishes and to defend and support his friend in the paper.

Likewise, Bill Brennan has his right to express his opinions and tell his side of the story. I will admit his approach to do his job on the school board has been seen as unpopular by many in the community.

Personally, I don't have a problem with how Brennan is performing his role on the board. My problem is with the release of executive session information to the OTBL blog. It is apparent that this information has been released by a board member and some of it could be cause legal troubles for the district. As far as I know, Brennan can express his opinions in the paper and so can all the other board members. If you don't like what he says, write your own letter and/or work to get him off the board via a recount or when his term is up. That's call politics.

AB, your comment above is an example of the personal attacks that have littered the New Richmond school board controversy for some time. Maybe if everybody took a deep breath and stepped back, the new board would have a chance to start moving forward.

Likewise, I find it interesting that som much attention is paid to the evil Jack Bauer. New Richmond isn't that big. You'd think by now, some of the JB haters would have figured out who he and/or she is. To me, that points to the polarization in the NR school district. There's no middle ground and there's definitely a hardening of the egos on both sides.

The Do Groupers who were throwing poop at the Yes Group before the election are writing letters urging everybody to give peace a chance. The Yes Groupers are saying things like "If you think it was bad last year, wait till this year!"

Maybe we should organize a charity function that pits the Doers and the Yesers in a mud wrestling contest or a game of dodge ball. Maybe we could use the money raised to pay for a joint therapy session for the two groups.