Erik Prince- International Man of Mystery and Intregue

When you read about Eric Price the first question that comes to mind is: "What makes this guy tick?" Prince can accurately be described by all of the following :
Mercenary, Billionaire, Former Blackwater CEO, Recluse, Philanthropist, Right Wing Christian Activist,Ex Navy Seal, Aspiring High School Teacher, Spy, Former Naval Academy Cadet and the list goes on.
This guy is an enigma wrapped in bundle of contradictions.
A fairly recent Vanity Fair article describes him as the following:

Split Personality

Erik Prince can be a difficult man to wrap your mind around—an amalgam of contradictory caricatures. He has been branded a “Christian supremacist” who sanctions the murder of Iraqi civilians, yet he has built mosques at his overseas bases and supports a Muslim orphanage in Afghanistan. He and his family have long backed conservative causes, funded right-wing political candidates, and befriended evangelicals, but he calls himself a libertarian and is a practicing Roman Catholic. Sometimes considered arrogant and reclusive—Howard Hughes without the O.C.D.—he nonetheless enters competitions that combine mountain-biking, beach running, ocean kayaking, and rappelling.

From Mother Jones:

And up until two months ago—when Prince says the Obama administration pulled the plug—he was still deeply engaged in the dark arts. According to insiders, he was running intelligence-gathering operations from a secret location in the United States, remotely coordinating the movements of spies working undercover in one of the so-called Axis of Evil countries. Their mission: non-disclosable.

Black Helecopters:

Secret Agent BBC News Report
The CIA hired contractors from the US private security firm Blackwater as part of a secret programme to track and kill top al-Qaeda figures, reports say.

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