It's Starting To Make Cents


Roadkill said...

A 1.4 Trillion Dollar Budget Deficit is insane.

A 14 Trillion Dollar National Debt is insane.

Tens of Millions if illegal immigrants streaming across our borders, as national immigration laws go unenforced, is insane.

Passing legislation to control the entire Health Care industry of the country, amounting to 17% of GDP, on a strictly party-line vote, is insane.

Blaming a horrendous act of murder and mayhem on a political opponent, despite absolutely no evidence to support it and in spite of statements from people who actually knew the killer that he was apolitical, never watched the news, and had expressed hatred for the primary target of his act since 2007, is insane.

Continuing to stoke the idea that a political opponent was responsible for an act of murder and mayhem long after its been universally acknowledged that the killer acted alone and without any political motivation, is insane.

Sunny B. said...

RK, why do you suppose national immigration laws go unenforced?

Do you think passing anti-health care legislation on a strictly party-line vote is sane?

As far as blaming the murder and mayhem on a political opponent goes, one only has to think back to 9/11 when the Republicans were blaming Clinton for it. Bush had already been in office for eight months when 9/11 happened.

I think you are confused about the part that facts and reality play in power politics.