Recall Governor Scott Walker Campaign

The end is near for Wisconsin as we know it. Big business has taken over! They poor and helpless are going to be left to die in the streets! No longer will you be able to fight of justice in our courts systems to address the greedy wrongs done to you by the heartless beast of American corporate greed! Everything in Wisconsin will quickly fade from enviromental green to anti-regualtion black! Nuclear reactors will soon be built next to daycare centers!

It's up to you to stops Walker's Chamber of Commerce Horrors (or is it Whores) machine that is now goose stepping it's way across the state of Wisconsin. First it was high-speed rail. Then it is windmills. Next it will be clean water and fresh air!

The politcal Hindenburg is coming to the state you love! Only you can stop it!

Check out Scott Walker Watch and don't forget to sign the petition.

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