Rev. Wright Shovels Out Chicago

"The government gives us shovels, mittens, hot chocolate, warming shacks, snow days off of work and then want us to sing 'God Bless This Weather.' No, no, no, God damn this weather! God damn Mother Nature for dumping this snow shit on us citizens. I wish I lived in Kenya.”

Reverend Jeremiah Wright


Roadkill said...


Here we are, late into the evening on Groundhog Day, and you have yet to comment on the fact that its the birthday of a blog-fetish of yours - Ayn Rand.

Roadkill said...


Then again, you let Martin Luther King's birthday pass without comment as well.

Do you have something against women and blacks? Are they below your radar screen?

Roadkill said...


Oh wait, you do like to talk about Sarah Palin.

I guess its just successful native-born black Americans that you find un-noteowrthy.

Roadkill said...


The exception, as this post shows, has to do with comical black characters of whom you can make fun with fictitious quotes.

Sunny B. said...


Do you think by making fun of a black man that I am being somekind of racist? Do you think I devote hours to develope these posts? A long of it is spontaneous stuff like this one.

I was looking through the blizzard pictures in the Chicago Tribune yesterday and saw this. The day before -- like everyday I devote 10-15 minutes listening to Hannity on the radio -- Hannity mentioned Rev. Wright. The picture and the Revs. infamous quote -- which I think was spot on -- blended together for this post. I think it's kind of humorous to speculate on what the Rev. might be doing in Chicago on such a wintery day.

Did Ayn Rand see her shadow on Feb. 2 or was it her birthday?

I believe I've made mention of MLK before. Perhaps his death day is more important.

We cover Palin, as you mention.

In fact, in the end, we pretty much touch on everything that is of importance on a daily basis. Thanks for poining that out.

Besides, my birthday was Feb. 1 and I didn't mention that...and neither did you. Can I help it if I overshadow the groundhog and Ayn Rand?

daniel noe said...

You two are funny.