Is Obama Keynesian? You Tube Decide

More proof that Barack Obama is a Keynesian? Find Out Here
If you're not laughing. YOU DON'T GET IT!


Anonymous said...

There is scant evidence to assure us he is not.

Oh, wait; I get your pun now....

There is scant evidence to assure us he is not.

TEA4ME said...

The anit-birther theories are essentially conspiracy theories that support the legitimacy of President Obama’s citizenship.

Most of the claims that Obama was born in Hawaii have come from Obama's political supporters.

Those supporters have been largely unsuccessful in advancing their claims, which were rejected by a majority of Republicans. Three suits were additionally filed in the Supreme Court, all of which are expected to be upheld because of the conservative majority of the SOCTUS.

Obama’s campaign didnot provide a legal birth certificate in 2008. Obama supporters have alleged Obama’s birthplace is Hawaii want to use a photo-copied version of the longer version of the document. They have tried to discredit those of use who know he was not born in the US.

We are checking into the birth place of Clarence Thomas. Rumors are spreading that his is the illegitimate child of Barry Goldwater and Lena Horne. More on that as we peal the onion of obstruction.

Thurston Howell III said...

TeaM-e, (e is for excrement )
Who cares where Obama was born. The question is, "Is he a Keynesian?"
I think there is a blog in Hudson that would welcome this kind of B.S.
Let me know if they can help you in your quest for the missing link.

TEA4ME said...

Well duh, if Obama was born is Kenya, then he would be a Kenyasain. That might be a little hard for you elitests to figure out, but it's pretty opvious.

Thurston Howell III said...

You're RIGHT, I don't know what I was thinking, it is opvious. Did you see that the footprint on Obama's birth certificate is leaning to the left?