Glenn Beck: "Fiction Is Stranger Than Truth"

“In talking with a friend of mine, it just happened quick, almost like firecrackers. We don’t have anything, though, to confirm what exactly happened or what type of altercation it was.”

Officer John Weglarz Sr.
New Castle County, Delaware Police

What began as a reunion for the Chester High School Class of 2002 turned ugly late Friday night in Claymont, Del.

New Castle County, Del., police are investigating a shooting where six people were injured inside the First State Bowling Alley. Officer John Weglarz Sr. confirmed Saturday that five of the people were from Chester, but none of the injuries was considered life threatening. As of Saturday night, two victims remained in Christiana Hospital in Delaware, one from Chester and one from Wilmington, Del. Two victims were released from the hospital Saturday and two refused treatment at the scene.

According to the police report, an altercation occurred just before midnight, then shots were fired.

There are three suspects in the shooting, none from Chester. Weglarz said the Chester residents were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“The Chester people were there, but they were not involved in any of this at the bowling alley,” Weglarz said. “They were having their reunion and they’ve been taken out of this as far as being involved with this investigation.”

There was apparently little warning before the shots were fired into what Weglarz said was a crowded bowling alley, even though he did not have an estimate on how many people were there at the time of the shooting.

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