Voter Choice v. High School Graduates

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In a comment on a post below, Roadkill pointed out the 90 percent of journalists say they are Democrats. I was searching for some demographic information to verify RK's statement and ran across a couple of interesting maps. If you click on the map links, you get a better view of the maps and information. However, it is pretty interesting to note that the heart of Republican country corresponds with the lost graduation percentages.

People with lower education levels tend to read less and the higher the education level, the more people read. Concerning radio listenership, the graph below shows the comparisons between education levels and listening to commercial news/talk radio verses public news/talk radio.

Now I don't know if a higher education level means that a person thinks more and more complexly, but I would say that the higher the level of education you experience, the more challenging and varied the content of the material you will be presented.

That said, since almost all practicing journalists have a college education, they would tend to identify themselves as Democrats and a majority of high school dropouts would identify themselves as Republicans.

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