Is "Media Bias" A Conservative Smear Campaign

"The perception of liberal bias is a problem by itself for the news media. It's not OK to dismiss it. Conservatives who think the press is deliberately trying to help Democrats are wrong. But conservatives are right that journalism has too many liberals and not enough conservatives. It's inconceivable that that is irrelevant."
Tom Rosenstiel
Project for Excellence in Journalism

Read the opinion piece Newsrooms Need Conservatives by Deborah Howell of the Washington Post

Eric Boehlert asks Howell a few important questions: Is anyone stopping conservatives from being hired, and also, are they trying to get jobs in newsrooms and can't? Of course, Howell doesn't ask this, but only assumes they are being excluded because she -- and other Post staffers, according to her -- voted for Obama. Now I've talked to a few dozen Post reporters and editors over the years, and I've never once discussed who they voted for or what party they belong to. In covering an institution, it's usually better to find evidence of people being excluded before making such assumptions.

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