Looking Back...

“Our goal is not to forget about the worst environments in America – in the ghettos, in Appalachia and elsewhere. Our goal is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all human beings and all other living creatures – an environment without ugliness, without ghettos, without poverty, without discrimination, without hunger and without war. Our goal is a decent environment in its deepest and broadest sense.

The battle to restore a proper relationship between man and his environment, between man and other living creatures, will require a long, sustained, political, moral, ethical and financial commitment far beyond any commitment ever made by any society in the history of man. Are we able? Yes. Are we willing? That’s the unanswered question.”

Senator Gaylord Nelson
Earth Day Eve, April 21, 1970

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Anonymous said...

I wish we could all just get along... life is too short to waisted on such etreme and nafarious feelings toward others. Can we all just get along?

Pacific Islander.