Trickling Down On Community Organizers

"[Barack Obama] was a community organizer. What in God's name is a community organizer? I don't even know if that's a job."

Former New York Governor George Pataki

"He worked as a community organizer. What? Maybe this is the first problem on the resumé," mocked Giuliani." Then he said, "This is not a personal attack. It's a statement of fact. Barack Obama has never led anything. Nothing. Nada."

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Speaking Wednesday at the Republican National Convention

"I have ‘actual responsibilities." If Mayor Giuliani and President Bush cared more about working people instead of just people who can hire high-powered lobbyists, maybe I wouldn't have so much responsibility. Maybe working people would have an easier time in America today. But that's not our reality, and they don't have to mock us while we're trying to clean up their mess."

Jacqueline del Valle
A community organizer in the Bronx

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