Women: Just Meat To Republicans

Could it be the Republicans are looking at Sarah Palin as just more "red meat?"

"Fred Thompson will forcefully defend the selection of Sarah Palin tonight in a speech Republicans are characterizing as "red meat." He will argue that the feeding frenzy over Palin's is the result of "panic" from the Democrat-friendly mainstream media."

The Weekly Standard

"The first we can dispose of quickly: Sarah Palin (actually her speech writers and coaches) get high marks for her self-introduction to the American people who do not live in Alaska. The only thing missing from her presentation were pom-poms and a cheerleader outfit emblazoned with hockey sticks. She fed the ravenous crowd the red meat they craved, stretched the truth in measured quatrains just enough to arouse the senses of the senseless and carefully gave America the feminine version of the famous Cheney sneer."

Ivan Hentschel

Speeched and Non-speches.

"After Sarah Palin's acceptance of her party's nomination to the GOP ticket, the pundits couldn't stop praising her speech as "red meat" for the Republican base. If that was considered a red meat speech, why am I left feeling so undernourished? It was almost entirely devoid of policy substance and focused instead on character and personality."

Sanho Tree
McCain's Palin Gambit: Are Americans Weary of the Culture Wars?

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