So That's What You Mean By "Free Market!"

"When there is a lack of honor in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned."

Herbert Hoover


Tin Cup said...

Doesn't the "Free Market" involve the poor subsidizing the the rich, like the Anti-Robin Hood?
Who says there's no "Free Lunch". Alms for the Investment Bankers, Alms for the Investment Bankers. Bless you Uncle Sam.

Roadkill said...

I'm glad to see there are some on the left wing of the political spectrum who are willing to denounce the dangerous alliance of business and government. I mean, isn't that the essence of fascism?

Too bad Jefferson never wrote a letter to some busienss or ecomomic group warning that we needed to build a wall of separation between the two. Then the supreme court could site it when a party with standing (e.g. any taxpayer) sued the Federal government to stop bailing out failed or failing companies.