Sarah Palin - Not a Stupid Rube?

Jokes at Ms. Palin's expense circulate unabated.
( like this one cause IT'S FUNNY )
That's because those who fear her are working overtime to make us think she's a stupid rube.
( Does it really take a lot of work? If we're working overtime, why aren't we getting time and a half pay? )
Is she? Let's see? ( ok)
She grew up in a small Alaska town in a family with no special privileges (except the really fast snow machine)....
went to college, (Oh weren't there a few colleges? Proof that's she's decisive! ) and became a sports reporter ( in the 150th market of 210. Nice, she reached the pinnacle of that career )

Then she went on to four years on her city council, and four years as mayor. (Enough already, we see she's over qualified to become the potential leader of the Free World )
So is she a stupid rube? I should be so stupid (Ah, no comment, watch the video, why is it funny?)
No, she is not stupid ( OK, cause you say so? ) Her attackers can only dream about being as smart and capable as Sarah Palin )
( I'm so jealous of her brilliance, she just exudes smartiness, and capabilityness. Did I mention she's gorgeous, and she can shoot too. )

Enjoy this satirical video. I did.
Sarah Palin Exclusive Interview with Charles Gibson on ABC!!

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