Carnac on Perverts

Over at ontheborderline.nut, CARNAC writes..."His speech was paid for by your tax dollars. His security was paid for by your tax dollars. His travel was paid for by your tax dollars. His hookers were also paid for by your tax dollars."

Not one to keep his two readers in suspense, he provides with the question: Question: "Who paid for Bill Clinton's latest trip to Las Vegas? Read more as Billy Jim Bob talked about the union thugs taking control of the 2008 election."

Evidently Carnac is equating "hookers" with "perverts." How strange for such a personal libertarian as Carnac, who orgasms publicly over the free-market philosophical lard bucket of Ludwig von Mises and the personal peanut-pounding philosophy of egotistical masturbation. Isn't prostitution legal in Nevada? It think it was von Mises who was advocating the legalisation of heroin.


CANRAC said...

My cousin isn't the brightest, therefore using Anonymous theory I can assume my cousin is a democrat.

Anonymous said...

Considering that your cousin is related to socilaists working on this blog, it is entirely possible that he is a Democrat.

Stink tank monitor said...

Your deductive abilities are astounding!