Robbinsdale schools blame anti-levy agent from Iowa

November 07, 2007
Paul Dorr is an Iowa consultant who has built a reputation working to defeat school levy requests. He says he has helped to deny dozens of school levies and bond issues in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota and Minnesota. In the wake of Tuesday's levy defeat, Robbinsdale school officials blamed a literature campaign orchestrated by Dorr and financed by a Robbinsdale anti-levy group, 281 CARE (Citizens Acting for Responsible Education). On Wednesday, Dorr referred questions to CARE, which did not respond to a phone call.

Administrators in districts that Dorr has targeted say he's a master of distortion and prevarication, but in an interview last month, Dorr said he serves a higher purpose: to represent school district taxpayers who are overwhelmed by organized support for school levies and who feel their voices won't be heard.

Read more @ Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Paul Door @Google News
Dorr runs Copperhead Consulting Services.
Additonal info @City Pages.


st. publicus said...

Paul Dorr is one "Christian" who will surely rot in Hell.

Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a copy of the anti-levy flyers that 281Care distributed? I live in the district but didn't receive this literature. I'm curious to see what it says.

Anonymous said...

anybody see the anti-levy literature? Is it posted online somewhere?

Anonymous said...

st. publicus:

Why would Paul Dorr rot in hell? Who made you God?

St. Publicus said...

If Dorr needs a roommate in Hell, I think Mark Pribonic would be perfect: "Here is my suggestion: why don't you work as hard for abolishing government education as you did for helping it to grow. There is no philosophy of limited government as long as you let the state control the education of children."

They'd be like two chicken-fried crispy critters in a pea pod.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be avoiding the question and now have expanded it. What does fighting against government education? Isn't this a politcal argument? Once again, I see you can't make a coherrent argument without calling people names.

St. Publicus said...

What could be more coherent than this?

"Go To Hell!"

Seems to say it all.