English As My Native Language- By Borderline Admin. Chris

Borderline Admin Chris has some words of wisdom concerning educating our youth.

In a comment (http://www.ontheborderline.net/?p=4929 ) at ontheborderline.nut, he states that:

"Education levels are critical to reducing poverty. Unfortunately, many government run schools fail to provide their students with even basic literacy skills. Another huge step in reducing the roots of poverty will be expanding school choice to all students and ending the public school monopoly as you suggested. Students would be better prepared for colleges throughout the country."

Oh Really Chris? Really? Then why is it that Chris posted the following display of his literacy skills?

The dictionary defines adjunct as:

Perhaps Mr. smarty pants admin. meant....

Thanks for the lessons on literacy, Public school students should take these words of wisdom to heart!


Sunny Badger said...

Of those four people mentioned on the Alliance for the Separation of School and State, how many do you think went through the public school system from K-College? I beleive Dr. Lil Bil graduated from UW-Eau Claire. CW went to Southern Illinois University -- "one of the most radical universities in the nation." Obviously, he doesn't get out much.

If most of them went through the puiblic school system and they say it's a failure, does that mean OTBL is a blog site run by failures. Dr. Lil Bil seems too be able to dump a lot of big words into his long, dense posts. Maybe he doesn't realise the difference between impressing people with you vocabulary and getting your point across.

I wonder how many of the OTBL'ers want the government to pay for private, church school education for their spawn?

CANRAC said...

So I'm considered a "adjutant" instructor at a local college and they've been spelling it wrong?? Maybe Lil Bill better get on staff there and get things corrected.

You forgot to mention that Luke is a graduate of the "Jethro Bodine Academy of Ciphering" and his IQ has been rated as "naught".

Ellie May Not said...

No wonder he is in bed with the bankers like Mr. Drysdale.

Dept. Chair said...


Just think when you retire you'll have the title E.Pluribus :-)

CANRAC said...

Well nobody told me you had to be full-time to get those benefits I read Luke ranting about. I thought all public employees just followed the yellow brick road. I'm currently teaching a "Current Events For the Remedial Mind" class. I have a Luke who keeps demanding to see my pay stubs, wears a turban backwards, and can't provide the prerequistie proof that he actually finished the fourth grade. Then I have a Don Treadhome, or wait, DonTreadOnMe who is constantly looking over his shoulder and complaining that others are picking on him, or violation him or his rights. Then I've got an N.Ominous who likes to call for the fire and police departments to see how long it takes them to get there. He is afer the fire department now, considers it an unnecessary expense, and is organizing a bucket brigade. He keeps mumbling something like "what would Ziller do", I assume its that because he wears a pink WWZD ankle bracelet. Oh well, ain't public education great. Wait until next week when Lil Bill's book is required reading, they'll all drop out.

Professor Ingles said...

What an irony, borderwhiners complaining about illiteracy with illiteracy. It doesn't get any better than that.