Village (of North Hudson) People Speak Out


Observer said...

This picture explains a great deal as to why Curt at OTBL would have the qualifications to call the superintendent of the school system a criminal. Looks like he hangs with law enforcement.

But then again, this seems strange to me. Aren't the police another group with Cadillac bennies and suckling off the taxes-are-theft tit of extortion.

I suppose in his next life, Curt will hope to get a life.

I've also notice that there are more posting names at OTBL. Maybe Curt is in his Chistopher Robin phase and needs to make up more playmates in his land of pooh -- as in bullshit.

When it comes to credibility, he certainly doesn't have to be worried about being accussed of having any.

Pool Boy said...

Who does Mr. Peanut think he's fooling. He must have had a run in at the "Y" with the administration there. So now he's going to go after Holland. What )(^)(*&)*(*&^ joke. This guy really does need a life.

rug doctor said...

Curt has never gotten over the fact that the rest of the guys at the YMCA laugh behind his back at how he admires himself in the weight room mirror - toupee and all.

Brill Cream said...

Are you sure it's a toupee? I thought he had hair implants. The implants should grow really well, considering the huge deposits of manure that the roots would be anchored in.