Nitwitastan Secedes From Union - Unveils New Logo

, ( a newly formed anarchistic individistate, that recently declared it's independence from the United States of America) has a new logo.
The Omnipotent Most High and Mighty Emperor and Infallible Leader of Nitwitastan, Dr. Dan "Flash" Billiamson unveiled the new logo today at his press conference on the shores of the Namakogan River. No mainstream media were in attendance, however ontheborderline.nut crack reporter N. Onimous and Dr. (of Liberty) Mark Bubonic (Co-Author of the vanity press worst seller "The Price of Spin") were in virtual attendance via the internet to report on this historic event to the borderline faithful.

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Owen said...

When you save "virtual," do you mean like "virtual idiots?"

I suspect the borderwhiners formed their own nation to draw attention away from their sister bloggers at Puss-n-Boots and Sabers down in the right-wing section of southeastern Wisconsin.

How long before they have to raise taxes in that little hot tub of a nation?