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CIA Releases Tape Under Pressure

"Don't be afraid to see what you see."

Ronald Reagan

After immense pressure from the Hudson Sanitation Department and Mayor Jack, the CIA has released a secret video it compiled while investigating the OTBL bloggers. The tape takes you into the dark, mysterious world inhabited by the lackeys of Mr. Peanut and Dr. Bill The Boring.

The story of the tape was exposed by Dugout Doug, the highly acclaimed investigative journalist for the Borderline Star-Observer, who said he say the tape and, at first thought it was useless crap. Then he noticed lots pieces of peanuts embedded in the crap and made the tie to the OTBL blog.

The rest is -- as they -- statist extortion perpetrated by communists bent on enslaving the rich to make them clean the bedpans of the socialists government workers who sleep till noon take an hour for lunch and take the rest of the day off so they can polish their spouse's Cadillac benefits plan. Did I mention the word "criminal?"

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OTBL Tube said...

Hey what happened to the video with the little maggots running around. Much more accurate depiction of OTBL don't you think?