Wisconsin workers try to keep up as economy stagnates

by Mike Ivey

Feeling a little less wealthy this Labor Day than last?

You're not alone.

A combination of stagnant wages, soaring health care costs, the housing slump and a gyrating stock market have many Americans fretting over their pocketbooks amid the backyard barbecues and union hall picnics.

And the usual flurry of reports pegged to today's celebration of the nation's working people paints a rather dreary picture across most of the economic spectrum.

In the six years since the 2000 recession, middle-class workers have seen their inflation-adjusted wages rise just 3 percent. Much of that growth has come via catch-up wages for women, as wages for men-only have increased just 1 percent, according to figures compiled by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.

The rich have done better, however, with the top 5 percent of Americans enjoying a 9 percent wage increase since 2000.

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