Spirit of Ayn Rand Guided Founding Fathers

The following is a quote from the Rightwing Fruitcake blog


"I completely reject, with all due respect, the premise of Mr. Thompson's campaign - sacrifice.

Fred Thompson is, as has been crudely uttered out here before, an example of "same whore, different dress." This is nothing but a return to the future of George W. Bush.

Sorry, but he left me completely cold because his philosophy is inconsistent with real meaning of the founding philosophical concepts of America. Had he taken five more minutes, I suspect he would have argued that America is a Christian nation premised upon the concept of living as a sacrificial animal for the benefit of others. Sacrifice is not the great virtue of the American idea, the pursuit of ones own happiness is and Mr. Thompson has it all ass backwards."

"There is no such thing as the "greater good," there are only individuals pursuing their own happiness and the government must get out of the way."

Sorry Flash aka Dr. Bill aka Grover, YOU are the one who has it ass backwards!!!!!

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