Trust Fund Kids for Norm

Minnesotans face many challenges: outsourcing, public safety, and protecting the absolute wealthiest Americans from unnecessary taxation.

Trust Fund Kids For Norm, a coalition of future heirs and heiresses, have banded together to protect the billions in untaxed inheritance that is our due. The full splendor of our future is currently threatened by the federal Estate Tax, an un-American abomination that discriminates against us, the pampered, prep school elite.

Sen. Norm Coleman, a tireless crusader on our behalf, has consistently voted for Estate Tax repeal. While some have suggested it is unseemly to give tax-cuts to multimillionaires during a time of war, Norm understands how much it means to us that we get that third yacht when daddy passes on.

To learn more about Norm's support for the 20-year lobbying effort to repeal the Estate Tax:

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