A Word From The Wise


Great blogs review said...

I just read about this site over at the Hudson Star Observer. The person talking about this blog didn't seem to like what you guys do here. But I have to tell you I think it's hilarious. Keep up the good work.

Humble Pie said...

Gee that's very kind of people to mention our humble blog at the mighty HSO site. Do you happen to have the link to the comment? Was the comment made by someone who actually used their really name?

The comment wasn't made by one of those ontheborderline.net bloggers who have such tender feelings. You know them. They are the ones picking on overwight people and slandering everybody who doesn't agree with everything they quack and, when the tables turn on them, they start whining "why's everybody always picking on me." I've heard one of them who lives in North Hudson had to hire a contractor to heighten his front door so he could get in and out of the house with his halo on. Of course, the improve to his door increased his taxes by 2 cents and they gave him an additional reason to live.